Stats: 6’1”

Degree: MA Acting - Central School of Speech and Drama

              BA History and Drama - Brunel University

Location: London, UK

Bases in LA (Former P1 Visa Holder), New Zealand, UK and Europe


ALADDIN                                         Abanazar                                    Ed Curtis - QDOS Productions

BEAUTIFUL:                                    Cover Gerry, Barry, Donnie        Marc Bruni - Paul Blake & Mike Bosner


THE BODYGUARD                         Cover "Stalker", "Frank Farmer  Thea Sharrock – David Ian & Michael Harrison Prod.

BATMAN LIVE                                 Cover "Joker" and "Two Face"    Anthony Van Laast – Waterlane Productions

SNOW WHITE                                 "Prince Benedict"                        Ed Curtis – QDOS Productions

THE LAST 5 YEARS                       "Jamie"                                        Simon Carnell – Completely Productions



HOBBES LANE                               "Dave the Estate Agent"            Alexander Woodward - The Woodward Brothers


BILLY                                               "Billy"                                         London Met - Victoria Cordoba Lima


CLOSE TO YOU                             "Oliver"                                       Mel Lou - Joelle Legrand Productions


AN INFERNAL DEMAND                "Darren"                                     Paul Franco - Ella Hart Productions


THE CALLING                                 "Damien"                                    Andrew Mark Sewell – B7 Media

TREASURES                                  "City Man"                                   Ben Murray-Watson – Attercop Films

SUBJECT 27                                   "Jesse"                                       Jack Bass – Cookie Productions

THE POLKADOTS                          "Charlie"                                     Adam Coop – Angelic Films

THE LONGEST PINT                      "Lionel"                                      Greg Wakeman – Summit From Nuthin Productions

2010 - present

2010 - present


WAKING THE DEAD                        "PC Craddock"                           Andy Hay


MIDSOMER MURDERS                  "Young Man"                               Nick Laughland


Voice Over and Corporate

SYMANTEC                                     "Technician"                               Adam Coop – Angelic Films

LANGUAGE TAPE                           "UK, Australian & SA voices"    Phil Corran – Cut Glass Productions

THE POSTMAN & THE POET         "Mario"                                      Michael Jeffrey & Eden Phillips - Jeffrey&Linwood

SCOPE & BT CONFERENCE VT    "Groom"                                    Daniel D Moses – BT Media

Training & Workshops

FROM UP HERE                             "Daniel"                                      Aaron Lee Lambert, Tom Attwood - Perfect Pitch

ZAIDE                                              "Allazim"                                    Melly Still - APS

PIGGY IN THE MIDDLE                  "Squealer/Beau Vine"                Andy Pollard - Greenwich Theatre

Skills & Accents

ACCENTS: London (native), RP, Cockney, American Standard, American New York, American Southern, Australian, French, Russian, Italian, Irish, Yorkshire


SKILLS: Highly skilled driver, Highly skilled Singer - Bari-tenor with high falsetto, comedy, bowling, cricket, comedy, improvisation


David trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama culminating with a performance in their 2006 Centenary concert at the Old Vic. Prior to that he read Drama and History at Brunel University.


2013 saw David’s debut on the West End in ‘The Bodyguard’ with the roles of ‘Douglas’ and ‘Skip’ and covering ‘The Stalker’ (35+ performances), ‘Ray Court’ (50+ performances) and ‘Frank Farmer’ (The Bodyguard). The cast included Beverley Knight, Alexandra Burke, Tristan Gemmill, Debbie Kurup, and Stephen Marcus.


In between theatre contracts David has appeared in over 10 short films in the last three years, with many being entered in to film festivals; these can be seen featured in his show-reel. Characters have included a lover (inept and adept!), a drug addict, a zombie, an alien and a hit man. 


Prior to ‘The Bodyguard’, David toured the USA with ‘Batman Live’ in sell out performances at Arenas across the USA including the Staples Centre in LA, the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, and cities including Kansas City, Anaheim, St Paul and Las Vegas.


He has performed all over the World: From Florida State Television to Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific. 


In the UK, he has performed in the West End, filmed at Pinewood Studios, appeared on TV dramas (being killed in 2/3 of them) and on live TV. He has appeared at theatres up and down the country in plays, musicals and variety shows. Most recently he played the ‘Prince’ in ‘Snow White’ at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford for Michael Harrison and Qdos Entertainment.


David continues to develop his skill set by regularly attending workshops at the Actors Guild and Actors Centre working with Directors and Casting Directors and in 2015 he is learning to horse ride! He has a long running association with Leontine Hass's Associated Studios programme as a student and workshop leader and trains with Emma Trow, Nikki Laurence, Leontine Hass and Stuart Barr.